Monday, September 1, 2008

Me in a year...

"What exactly is the consequence should I refuse to pay?
Is there still a Dickensian debtor's prison?
Oh, there isn't?

The song I'll be singing:


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, in a year Sallie Mae will have slid into a many tentacled morass of bankruptcy, sucking your debts down into a black financial sumphole.

Although they may end up selling your debt to the Chinese for worthless hedge fund options and Cheetos. Then perhaps you will receive a letter from the PRC saying they need one of your kidneys for the revolution.

Anonymous said...

Last month I made my first payment on my six-year-old, five-figure loan. It was ... £20. Like pissing in the ocean. Now I'm depressed and I want a ukelele.

Unknown said...

as i said circa 2004 when i realized back in med school (my first fateful and now despised student loans) how far and long and wide they would track your ass down:

if obama fuckin bin laden owed fucking sallie mae his ass so woulda been found by now!