Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand

People who know me feel free to confirm this: When buying new clothes I will stand in front of the mirror and say: "Does this make me look anything like Paul Newman?"

If the answer is so much as a simple grunt to the affirmative that article of clothing is purchased forthwith.

I'm not really one for looking up to famous people. I think it's a bad idea. But I make an exception for Paul Newman, who died today. How could any man not want to be like him? Who else could make getting your ass kicked seem like the coolest thing in the world?

Almost as much as I dislike the idolization of celebrities, I dislike eulogizing by people who never so much as met said famous types. So I won't. I'll just keep trying to copy his shit.

Headline comes from one of the best movie lines ever

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Crystal said...

how come nobody ever talks about how awesome people are when they are alive?

it sucks that the only time someone is going to say something remotely positive about me is when i am not going to be around to hear it.