Friday, October 24, 2008


The Welsh-language hip-hop scene could fit comfortably in a Chrysler Town & Country; everything that hip-hop has come to be it is not. And despite that, or perhaps because of it, there is something beautiful-appealing about the lonely state of this music form yn y Gymraeg.

Here (skip ahead to about 1:40 in the video) you have Y Diwygiad -- two guys who wouldn't look out of place at the Fargo Applebee's performing for whatever audience that may happen to exist in the Harry Potter space (i.e., under the stairs) between the gift shop and the toilets of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. In terms of artform purity this is hard to beat; they're not doing it for the money. You've got to respect that.

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Unknown said...

Why else would you take that crappy gig but for the money. I should know, I've played a 4th of July gig in the Eden Prairie Center parking lot.