Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dummy heads

I think this is mildly interesting:

There is talk that credit cards could be next in terms of economic doom. Although the overall effect is expected to be less severe than with the mortgage crisis, there is a possibility that at least a few credit card companies could go belly up.

Meanwhile, I noticed this week that Discover has increased my limit by $2,000 (i.e., they are willing to let me spend more money with their card). They did this for a person who has twice been late on payments in the last year and who has not had a job in two and a half years. Some part of me wants to stop paying my credit card bills just to hasten their demise. Evil stupid fuckers.

(Note: In fairness, most likely they extended my limit in an attempt to get me to use the card. Discover is not accepted anywhere in Britain or Ireland, so I haven't used the card since July 2006)


Wierdo said...

I love the fact that my bank wouldn't give me a loan because I was a student but they insisted I got o credit card...

Anonymous said...

Stupid dummy poo poo heads!