Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can haz cheap emotional manipulation?

Shameless kitten

This is the envelope from a piece of junk mail that arrived today from the RSPCA. It is so woefully shameless that it's almost brilliant satire. Look at the kitty with it's lil bwoken weg. Ahhh. What cruel, heartless bastard would deny wee Mr. Snuggums here?

This guy.

You are whores, RSPCA.

No doubt their next campaign will involve direct insult and threat: "Look at this sad little cat you self-important prick; it will die if you don't give us money. Pay up or we'll use the might of our publicity machine to tell the world how shit you are in bed. You will die penniless, alone and despised if you don't write a cheque right now, and your soul will burn forever in the unforgiving fires of hell."


Rose said...

I'm always a sucker for things like these. Luckily, my two cats and my poor/broke/starving situation help to curb me from sending large amounts of money to their cause.

Neal said...

We used to have a problem with burnt toast around here setting off the fire alarm. A sign was hung saying that every time toast gets burnt, a kitten gets stepped on in heaven.

No toast has been burnt since.

Curly said...

It's rather presumptuous to suggest that you'll be opening it.

Kitty's going to get another broken leg if he doesn't get out of the way of this letter going in the bin.

Anonymous said...

Critical of an organization that stoops to the use of tacky, tasteless ads to prevent cruelty to animals? What are you thinking--criticism of the RSPCA is like like speeding through a duck crossing! Where were you raised?