Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yeesh, you post just one video of yourself shagging a goat and it all goes pear-shaped

I heard from the Amazing Astrid Thursday, who was amused to discover that she cannot access my blog from her workplace. The reason? Their Websense filter places this site into the forbidden category of sex blogs.

That's right, bitches. You know you like it like that.


Pearl said...

Well, they would know best I suppose...
WV: hnock
That has to be Gallic for something!

Astrid said...

Luckily, I can still access your Blog from home. On Monday, I will check how my Blog is rated by my work-place. To be frank, I am quite curious!

Anonymous said...

Take it as a compliment. Apparently you can't access by blog if you work for the US military!