Thursday, February 26, 2009

Compare and contrast

"Julie Loves a Blender" by 3 Minute Hero

Thanks to Eric for sending this to me -- I left my 3 Minute Hero CDs back in the U.S. This is a song I (co-)wrote back in my Fargo days; I encourage you to compare it with the only other song I've (co-)written, "A is for Annie." Which is better?

Interestingly, both songs are about women upon whose beds I have been. Also, both show that I am not really built for lyricism, choosing to use words or phrases that don't really fit in a musical context, e.g. "emasculated" and "forced to succumb."


Chris Cope said...

My use of Spanish and Latin probably put "Julie Loves a Blender" over the top.

Annie said...

Uh oh. This one sounds a lot more profesh. Did you write all the lyrics?

And who is Julie?

Unknown said...

Chris and I wrote the lyrics together in our tiny garden level apartment in Fargo.
Julie is...well I won't post her real name, but she was real.

Chris Cope said...

Yep, Julie was a girl who told me I was an asshole shortly after meeting her. But then, aided by several margaritas, decided she was in love with me. Hence the song.

These days she's all respectable -- mother of two children and the sort of person who shares her e-mail address with her husband.