Monday, February 9, 2009

What possible purpose could that serve?

Quick, look at your watch. If you are one of those people who doesn't wear watches anymore because your phone tells you what time it is, don't be an asshat and brag about that fact.

"Ooh, I'm special because my iPhone tells time."

Guess what, muckety-muck, you paid up the wazoo for your phone. I paid $15 for my fucking Winnie the Pooh watch. I win.

For those of you what have watches, when you looked at it, did you bend your wrist, pointing your hand away from your body? Why?

I only just noticed that I make this strange "I'm checking my watch" contortion and I can't figure out what good it serves. If I don't bend my wrist it has no effect on my time-reading capacity. So why do people do that?


heatherfeather said...

Just a point of clarification (I didn't do any wrist bending, but I'm not sure I'm visualizing - or visualising - it correctly unless it's with this caveat):

Is the face of your watch on the inside of your wrist?

My Mickey watch is at home today. I love Pooh.

Lucky said...

I stopped wearing a watch because I'd developed a weird habit:

Any time someone asked me a question, regardless of topic, I'd check my watch before answering the question.

But, when I wore a watch, I didn't bend my wrist at all.

Anonymous said...

Bending the hand away does one thing - pull the watch out of a long cuff. If your sleeve covers, say, half of the watch face then bending your wrist like that will make it all show. (This works whether your watch is on the inside or the outside of your wrist, as long as you bend your hand away from your body.)

Anonymous said...

I have lost every watch I have bought. When I did wear one, though, I wore it so that the dial is on the inside of my wrist, because I find it a more comfortable wrist-twist to perform.

I think the boy loves his iPhone more than he loves me. Or possibly I'm on even ground. The iPhone doesn't make him check the oven's off every five minutes, though.

Chris Cope said...

Jenny -- I'm sure there's an app for such a thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't wear a watch. I have a iphone. Before that, I had a shitty nokia which displayed the time. And ever since graduation I sit in front of a monitor for about 10 hrs a day that shows the time in either the lower right hand corner or the upper right hand corner, depending on the OS. Three feet from that I have a phone on my desk - guess what? There's the time on it. Shift my gaze 30 degrees to the right - Clock on the wall. Analog. Always wrong.

The only question I have - why aren't they all in sync?