Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it possible the War on Drugs is over - and drugs won?

Interesting post from Jim Moore on the United States' perpetual war on drugs.

"...the political side of our culture wants to claim progress. But nailing the little guy one suspect at a time is not a method for ending the madness. Maybe there is nothing meaningful that can be done."


Huw said...

This is how I secretly feel, but it's nigh on impossible to effect change, from either side of the offence. Alongside the robust anti-drug movements out there, your casual drug user doesn't know - and wouldn't care - about the harm their investment in the drugs industry has elsewhere in the world.

I could write for paragraphs on this, but will just leave it at that.

Chris Cope said...

Indeed, the seemingly unchangeable nature of the whole situation makes me tired.