Monday, March 16, 2009

A new way to kill an afternoon

I've suddenly noticed the beautiful oddity that is Twitpic's public timeline. It is a glimpse of the most recent pictures to show up on Twitpic, which many people use to attach pictures to their Twitter updates. It is also a goldmine of WTF moments.

The nature of Twitpic is that there is often no explanation of the picture. Whatever the hell is going on in the picture is most likely explained in the corresponding tweet, which you don't see. For example, this picture might not make a lot of sense on its own. But with the tweet in which it was sent, perhaps things are more clear.

By following Twitpic's public timeline you most often get only the picture and are left desperately trying to figure out on your own what the fuck is going on.

You could kill a whole afternoon looking at the public timeline; simply click refresh and, kapow, you get more odd imagery. For example, this. Actually, that's not odd -- it's beautiful.

This, however is disturbing.

And it's probably best just not to ask about this one.


Elimare said...

Is that last one a coffin for a really FAT person?

Anonymous said...

amusing. way to give me even more ways to waste my time.

Annie said...

Happy birthday fellow March baby. Hope you have a lovely day and get cake. X