Sunday, April 12, 2009

Russell T. Davies, you hurt my soul

Here's an incomplete list of things that bothered me about Saturday's Doctor Who, in no particular order (Yes, I know I'm a geek):

- How lazy is the name International Museum?
- Why did the bus not pull over when it was being tailed by a convoy of police who had their lights and sirens going?
- The bus was a different model and in drastically different condition depending on what side of the wormhole it was on.
- Michelle Ryan's flying away in the bus was, as Elain pointed out, straight out of The Santa Clause.
- Why was everyone taken with the concept of a flying bus but not terribly shocked by a rip in the fabric of reality?
- That woman's Caribbean accent.
- How is it possible that UNIT could be so inept?
- The Doctor at one point dismisses the explanation for something as "spacey stuff," which is reminiscent of 10 years ago when Steven Moffat took the piss of the franchise in "The Curse of Fatal Death." In that comedy episode, the Doctor frequently dismisses things by saying "I'll explain later." So RTD is so lazy he is stealing from his replacement's piss-take.
- Why did the Doctor, upon getting in touch with UNIT, not simply ask them to drive a large tank through the wormhole to come pick them up?
- Giant flying metal stingrays things.
- Giant metal stingrays are able to create holes in space by flying about really fast. Huh?
- How exactly were the stingray things flying? They didn't have wings.
- The Doctor forgot UNIT's phone number on the first try. So, the Doctor, who knows every language that exists, can't remember a small string of numbers? Really?
- Lee Evans.


Elimare said...

I thought the International Museum was a completely crap name as well. wtf?
I could overlook most of the odd stuff re: flying busses etc. But the end was a bit meh. Michelle Ryan flies away in broken bus. Jaysus.

I think they should have left it with him telling her 'No' and she being hauled away in handcuffs. I could believe that he's just damaged enough to be a little selfish and not want to save her after losing Donna.

Anonymous said...

Apart from his attempted Welsh accent I thought Lee Evans was quite good. Thanks Russell T, now shift over and let Moffatt take over.



ps Michelle Ryan is a fox huh...

Wierdo said...

Some I agree with completely. The last ten minutes of the episode I ignore completely and then voila! A lot of my problems are gone.

As a stand alone episode I thought it was good - much better than a lot of the christmas episodes!

I liked the stingrays - they were cool (if not illogical). Much better than flightsuit with animal head on and gloves. Pig anyone?

Can't wait for russel to leave - his cheese is too strong by now.

Surly said...

This drives me crazy. I am at the mercy of American PBS to see the episodes. On occasion I see references to the show on here and all I can say is WTF? I went to the official site and I'm even more confused. I don't know what seasons I've seen or when new episodes will be on.