Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For fuck's sake, Barclays

This is going to sound like a right-wing complaint but, honestly, Barclays needs to hire people who speak English to man their phones.

Because sometimes the person calling really needs some help. Like, oh, say, let's imagine a bloke who's in Seattle and has lost his debit card. So he calls to cancel the card, but also to ask if there's any way they can get a new card to him in the U.S., or if he can get access to his account from Seattle, because he's not going to be at his house within 10 business days so when his new card arrives at his Cardiff address it will be fuck-all useless to him since he's 6,300 fucking miles away, where he'd kind of like to be able to pay for cool things like food and petrol. In that case, Barclays, he really, really, really needs to speak to someone WHO FUCKING SPEAKS ENGLISH so that he can ask questions that aren't on some fucking cheat sheet and get answers that are intelligible.

And when he gets stuck talking to a woman who is probably lovely in every other way but whose English is insufferably far from adequate, it makes him kind of angry.


Chris Cope said...

Oh, and Welsh people: Don't tell me that I should have called the Welsh line. I would have but it was closed; apparently Welsh speakers never have emergencies.

Carl Morris said...

Forget Barclays, it's all about Coutts mate.