Saturday, December 26, 2009

If ideas were things this one is almost certainly destined for the shed

I have long prided myself on not being the sort of person to accumulate countless items that I will never use. I don't have that odd piece of excercise equipment, used once and then abandoned to such an extent that I can't even be arsed to give it to someone else. My guitar has sat quiet since September but I am quite certain that under other circumstances, that would not be the case, and will not be the case in that magical future that never arrives in which I Have Time To Do What I Want To Do.

But when it comes to ideas, intangible things and projects, my mind is a mess of unfinished and unbegun brilliant schemes. Over the last, well, year or so, I have been quietly lamenting the death of my blog. I pine for its Golden Age when I was writing frequently and interacting with loads of nifty people and then getting to go visit them in London or Dublin or Phoenix or North Wales or West Wales or wherever else my blog has opened doors over the years.

But there's the whole thing of being quite busy trying to convince myself and others that I am in any way academic, and as such really only having blog-conducive downtime in small little segments and usually when I'm away from my laptop (like when I'm on the train). Or, when I don't have time to fire up the laptop. The damned thing takes nine minutes to get up and running, by which time my brilliant blog post will have slipped from my mind, making room for more important thoughts like: "Is there any port left?"

But today it occurred to me that there would almost certainly be an app that would allow me to blog from my phone, allow me to blog on the train, allow me to maybe, just maybe, bring back this blog and once again have the joy of being able to Google search my memory. And there is such an app. I am using it now.

It remains to be seen whether this app and the idea of blogging regularly again will fall to the wayside, just like that time I decided to learn French.

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Unknown said...

Remember: somebody has to check on that port. And since I'm all the way over here, you seem like the best man for the job.