Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"If [Britain] is to regain the self-confidence, tolerance and humor that marked it as a great nation long after its influence declined, it needs to rediscover a faith in human nature."
- Catherine Mayer, Time 29 March 2010 (Vol. 175, No. 12)


Jenny said...

Interesting. As I'm too lazy to acquire a copy of Time, what's the context of 'Britain'? The general public? Or is it more of a press/politics thing? Why does Britain need to be more confident? Am I not amused? Was I ever? What does it all mean? I'm so confused. I feel an episode coming on. Nurse!

Maybe I will acquire a copy of Time after all.

Chris Cope said...

It was a piece on how Britain is the bleakest its been since the late 1960s. Specifically it focused on financial problems, political apathy, and the troubling rise of extremism (eg, the BNP gaining ground).

Jenny said...

Ah, I see!

It was much bleaker in the 80s I reckon. I got my milk snatched and no one had a job. Including milkmen. And cows.