Friday, June 11, 2010

Perhaps I'm overthinking it

One of the slight drawbacks of going to the gym regularly is that pop music gets drilled into my head while I'm there. All throughout the gym there are TV monitors tuned to a music video station, with the music infiltrating even into the shower area. This results in all kinds of bad things, not least of which being the fact that Miley Cyrus is growing slightly less annoying. Also, there's nothing pleasant about a naked man whistling along to Taylor Swift's "Love Story."

Today I found myself listening to Keri Hilson's song "Knock You Down," featuring the ridiculously named Ne-Yo, who sings these lyrics: "I used to be commander in chief of my pimp ship flying high."

Admittedly I'm not familiar with pimp military protocol, but generally "commander in chief" is a term applied to an executive who oversees the whole of a military force. If you were in charge of just one pimp ship, that would make you captain. Yeesh, Ne-Yo, do your homework.

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