Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ramblin' Man

I realise I sound awful in this video. I am relatively new to playing the guitar and I am especially lazy about learning. Once I manage a simple song in which I can sound mournful, I seem happy to just do that over and over rather than try anything new. I first wanted to learn the guitar because I thought it would make people think I'm cool, now I don't really care.

The guitar in this video was purchased in Reno, NV, a little more than a decade ago. I bought it for my newlywed wife, who was lonely and homesick. She had thought that her learning guitar might be a good way to overcome the sadness of being far away from her family. I borrowed money to pay for it. She never played a note.

After several years with me, she went home to her family and never came back. So, I decided to learn how to play the guitar, because I was lonely and homesick, and it seemed a good way to overcome the sadness.

That's the version of the story that I'll record in my memory, at least. In truth, I brought the guitar to Cardiff a few months before my wife left. It had been sitting in my parents' living room collecting dust. Either way, from the moment I picked it up, there was one person whose songs I knew I had to learn: Hank Williams. I know I sound awful, but I like this video all the same.


Afe said...

You're the blues.

I can see you doing a version of Bob Dylan's "North Country Blues". Some soul-satisfying sad-sackin' right there.

Bethgun said...

I like it. I think my cat likes it too - as I was listening she woke up and came to have a look. No lie.

Have a nice visit home. :-)

WORD VERIFICATION: inowshn (as in, I no wishin' - I prayin'!)

Curly said...

You know how to play one song, that's one more than me and I'm very impressed!

Annie said...

I like it.

I like it almost as much as the Cat Power version, called, predictably, "Ramblin Woman".

Banksy said...

Why are you playing left-handed in one video and right-handed in another?