Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trying to do a bit more

Lately I've been thinking about reviving this blog to be a little more than a place of infrequent prose. Those with a bit of bloggy-awareness will be looking at that claim and thinking, in Bill Cosby style: "Right."

Yeah, I know. We've all seen those sort of claims before. They are as common as Twitter feeds with only one post: "Still not sure how this thing works. Going to give it a try."

The internet is a bandwagon.

That's an appropriate metaphor. The phrase, "following the bandwagon," or, "jumping on the bandwagon," comes from the late 19th century and early 20th century, when circuses would parade through towns. A large wagon would carry the circus' band, drawing people to join in the parade and to follow it to wherever the circus was set up.

But circuses are old and busted, yo. So, too, is blogging. Neither draw the crowds they once did. Both are too often maintained by people who go at it halfheartedly, never changing the look or feel, trying to hold onto an era that never really existed as it is so lovingly portrayed. Golly, remember 2005, when we all had blogs and we were all important?

For many years, my best friend, Eric, refused to read my blog because he felt such a thing was for losers. He'll read it now because he's about to be a dad -- all of his coolness is gone -- but his original assertion was correct.

Still, here I am. Blogging. And hoping to do so with more frequency. The days of my posting on a daily basis are long gone: I no longer have a job I hate, using the blog as a way of distracting myself to avoid stabbing co-workers. But I am hoping to update reliably: each Tuesday and Saturday. From that point, slowly, I will enact my plan to take over the world.

One thing that might help the effort: for reasons unknown to me my blog is blocked by a number of workplace filters. The filters claim I'm running some sort of sex-related website. Does anyone know how I can convince those filters I am actually a really lovely fella?

A really lovely fella who will give it to you all night long...


Von Linus said...

I thought you might regard being thought of as a sexual threat oddly satisfying.

Professor Batty said...

Your strength seems to be in "longer form" posts, your last two were excellent, certainly the equal of any travel writing I've read (well maybe not quite as good as Annie's.) Your twice-a week plan seems to be about the right frequency. It seems as if shorter posts have been replaced by tweets and rss readers.

Chris Cope said...

Linus -- To be perfectly honest, I wear it as a badge of pride. But it makes it difficult for people to read the thing at their workplaces, which, I realise, is where people tend to have a greater tolerance for crappy internet musings.

Von Linus said...

Actually, Chrisbot, my workplace bans it. I find it odd myself. Yet I make the effort once I get home, when I should be tending to my small fat child, who isn't born yet, but still

heatherfeather said...

Maybe you should try some reverse psychology on them and post pictures of your willy and post like a sex-pervert.

As if there were any other kind

Chris Cope said...

Linus -- Thank you, sir, for your dedication.

Heather -- Well, OK, if you think it will work. Here's a picture of my willie: http://tinyurl.com/2veyphc

heatherfeather said...

@Chris - that's not your willie, that's MINE.