Friday, September 17, 2010


Dancing the Polka with Miss El Cajon is hardly anything other than me-focused. Yet strangely I feel uncomfortable stepping into that "Hooray me!" territory of blatantly self-promoting on this, the great lumbering self-promotion tool that is a blog. That said, there are two things I wanted to mention:

1) I will be a guest this Sunday, 19 September, on Radio Wales' "Something Else" programme, which airs at 13:30. It's an hour of me and a few other people talking about things we found in the newspapers. It's like having lunch with a load of opinionated in-laws, but with the quiet comfort of knowing we will eventually stop. And if you yell at us, it won't come back to haunt you every Christmas for the rest of your life.
Hmm. Almost certainly I'm not selling this as well as the show's producer might hope. Tune in anyway. Also on the programme will be musician and broadcaster Huw Williams, and actress Siriol Jenkins.

2) Both this and my Welsh blog have been longlisted for the Wales Blog Awards. Yes, everywhere else in the world people have forgotten blogs. Here in the Ancient Mire (a), however, we are having our first-ever awards ceremony: 14 October. Winners will receive prizes. Prizes! If someone gives me a prize for keeping this collection of melancholy and lust, my life will be complete.

(a) Have you spotted lately that I'm trying to find a nickname for Wales? I've also tried "Nation of Rain" and "Unhappy Country." Other possible contenders are: "Jonesland," "KA Territory," and "The Green and Grey." Any suggestions?

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Chris Cope said...

Admittedly, not everyone thinks the Wales Blog Awards are all that legitimate:

But, dude, there are PRIZES involved!