Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now give us a grant

My cousin likes to take part in various competitions to see who can solve Rubik's-style puzzles fastest. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to e, either. But anyway, by extension, he likes to film himself practicing and put the videos on YouTube. I've decided that he's unintentionally created an art film with this video. Watch it with the sound up and you'll hear two people arguing out of view through the first bit. Then the puzzle falls apart and Shane grows frantic in trying to both put the thing back together and achieve the original goal.

It reminds me of the sort of thing that would run on continuous loop at Tate Modern. The little explanatory placard would speak of disaffection -- our solitary place in a crowded world -- fate, and human fear of disorder.

Consider yourself enlightened. Someone please now send us £20,000.

(By the way, Shane is deaf. That's why he doesn't say anything in the videos)


Anonymous said...

Are we sure that the "breaking" wasn't just cheating?

~the editor

Anonymous said...

Crumbs he's good..............