Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Her words

There's a phrase in Welsh, "Does dim Cymraeg rhyngddyn nhw," which translates to: "There is no Welsh between them." It's a phrase used to express the cordial but perhaps not affectionate status of a relationship between two persons. They may still speak to one another on occasion, but in English. Not in the familial, close language of affection or deep friendship that Welsh pictures itself to be.

There is no Welsh between myself and Lisa these days. I have to admit to not entirely understanding why, but, as they say in South Wales, there you are. She prefers not to be a part of my life -- end of story.

But I thought I'd direct you to her blog for the other side of an old story. Several months ago, I wrote about helping her move from Hirwaun to Cardiff. The move was more than simple relocation for her but a major milestone in her life. The sense of purpose and direction she felt from that move was something she spoke about a lot in the short time I knew her. And I spotted today that she has now written a rather touching post about that day.

So, there you go. A single day in a young woman's life through the eyes of two different people. I thought y'all might be interested.

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Annie said...

That was my very favourite of all your posts