Monday, December 27, 2010

They're (not) stealing jobs

"At a time of high unemployment, many Americans are convinced that [undocumented immigrants] take American jobs. As a test, this summer the United Farm Workers (UFW), the main agricultural union, launched a campaign called "Take Our Jobs," inviting willing Americans to work in the fields. In the following three months 3 million people visited, but 40% of the responses were hate mail...

"Only 8,600 people expressed an interest in working in the fields... But they made demands that seem bizarre to farmworkers, such as high pay, health and pension benefits, relocation allowances and other things associated with normal American jobs. In late September only seven American applicants in the "Take Our Jobs" campaign were actually picking crops."

- The Economist; Dec. 18, 2010; pg. 76


Huw said...

I remember some documentary or other, where the filmmaker hung out around the job centres of Suffolk and Norfolk, speaking to the long-term unemployed and asking them about their thoughts on immigrants, and then, having let them speak of their woes and vent their spleens, offered them a job there and then in the nearby fields which always require thousands to assist with harvests, and as such attract scores of East Europeans. None of them took him up on it either.

Chris Cope said...

I remember seeing that, as well. The guys backed out of that job offer as fast as they could.