Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 2

I am proud to say I've not stumbled straight out of the gates. Normally, if I set some grand ambition for myself, such as blogging every day of my attempt to become a professional author, I'd lose steam within hours of making such a declaration. But I actually did something today.

It helps that I am starting this quest with a fully written manuscript. So, on these days when I have very little time in the evening, I don't have the challenge of trying to fit creativity into a time window clouded by the sound of my washing machine and Jenn listening to the radio and so on. I have adjusted my schedule to allow Friday as a full day for writing.

On this Monday, however, I have sent a request to an agent, asking that I be allowed to send my manuscript. Each agent is different. Some ask for a synopsis, some ask for a pitch, some ask for the first few chapters of the book, or a combination thereof. Perhaps I shouldn't be honest about this, considering that any agent worth his or her salt is going to be clever enough to find my blog, but this book has thus far been rejected or ignored by six literary agencies. 

I don't really take that as too great a negative, though. Books are very subjective things and it takes time and luck to find that someone who will have the ability and desire and love to champion it. So often we delight in seeing the rejection letters that incredibly successful people have received –– for instance, the other day someone posted a copy of a record label's rejection letter to a young Bono –– and we want to think: "Ha! I'll bet that person feels like an idiot now!" 

Maybe they do, but maybe they simply weren't the right person to champion that now-über famous person. And isn't that famous person, in fact, lucky to have received that particular rejection, rather than the acceptance of someone who might not have gotten them so far?

I don't know. That's the way I try to look at it. Fire all the bullets. Do all the things. Send submissions to all the agents and hope that one of them thinks this book is as good as I do.

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