Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 5

Does blogging count? Jenn argues that it does. I'm not sure whether I agree. I don't feel that I agree, but within the same emotion is a feeling that I am perpetually changing the rules to prevent myself from ever gaining a sense of progress. 

The blog in question is my motorcycle blog, and it is one of the most profitable ventures I've ever initiated. It didn't start out that way; I started it just as a means of releasing some of anxious thought that came about as a result of my feeling homesick and trapped in Britain, and channeling those feelings into motorcycle-related things. Motorcycling being synonymous with freedom, and so on. It's all very cliché. 

It's also cliché to say that blog was a labour of love. But it was. And it still very much is –– it's something I really enjoy doing. I really like motorcycles, yo, and I really like talking about them. My motorcycle blog is just me having the conversations that none of my friends or family or acquaintances or co-workers want to have with me.

But, (I feel mostly through good luck) it is also something that has given me things. Most notably, my motorcycle. I was offered a copy writing gig because someone saw my writing about motorcycles and liked my style. He gave me a motorcycle as payment. And more recently, a company has sent me some items of motorcycle gear to review and keep.

If I look at the cash value of everything my motorcycle blog has delivered, I have to admit I'm doing pretty well with that thing. I'm not making actual money, but I'm getting things that I would have spent money on, so, it's sort of the same thing. Right? And isn't that my goal in wanting to become a professional author: to be able to support myself with my writing? So, shouldn't I feel that all the time I spent today working on a blog post was time well-spent and a legitimate step toward my goal?

Jenn would say yes, my heart is not so sure. If it does count, then, well, there you are: that's what I did on Day 5. If it doesn't count, then I did nothing other than daydream about owning an electric motorcycle.

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Anonymous said...

No one actually promised daily updates, but I am wondering what happened on days 6 and 7.