Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 8

I suppose today was productive, though, perhaps not quite as productive as I would have liked. But then, there's the question of whether I would ever actually be happy with a day's output. I never have been. Though I don't think it logically, I think emotionally some part of me expects to be able to produce entire books in a single day. And when I don't do that I feel oh-so-slightly disappointed.

But in fair terms, today was good. First, I managed to send off another submission to an agent. Then I wrote about 600 words toward a short story I'm hoping to enter into the Rhys Davies Short Story Competition. Such is the nature of writing that I will likely delete at least half of that work, but, hey, it's a start. The deadline on the competition is not until mid May and I'm hoping to be able to submit two stories to the competition.

In the evening Jenn and I went to a comedy evening. I'm generally wary of comedy nights because a lot of it can be so awful that it makes you hate humanity just a little bit. But this night was pretty good. One of my favourite lines came from Ted Shiress who has cerebral palsy and said: 

"I find that being disabled is a lot like being American. In that there's a whole lot of us, and we're all different, but just one idiot can spoil it for the rest of us and make all of us look bad. Now, see, you all thought I was going to say something disparaging toward Americans there, but I actually came out with something quite progressive. And so now all of you are disappointed. Because you're all a load of racists."

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