Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Days 10-11

It's mostly been more motorcycle blogging these past two days. As I say, I can't really decide whether I can claim it as a legitimate path toward being a professional. Sorta. 

It would carry more weight, I feel, if I were actually being paid to write about motorcycle stuff, rather than simply being sent goods like jackets and bags. Is that snobbish? Am I part of the capitalist problem? Shouldn't I be content to cut out the middle man and simply receive the goods that I would buy had I been given money? I feel that I should be, and that my discomfort is borne of a status thing.

Anyhoo, my point is that I almost certainly could be doing better. But it is hard to find the energy after being at work for 10 hours. I make it home just after 7 pm and need to be in bed just three hours later because Jenn and I get up each morning at 5:30. But even as I say that I feel I am making excuses –– I am trying to distract from the fact that I am lazy.

I have been thinking a lot about what I was talking about on Day 9, about being in the right place, and the idea of drawing inspiration from a community of writers. I found a literary event called Kill Your Darlings taking place in Bristol tomorrow night. If I can coordinate myself properly and not chicken out at the last minute I may ride out there and see what it's about.

Though, one of the challenges of riding a motorcycle is that it increases the frustration of being lost tenfold. Because in order to stop and look at a map or instructions you have to pull over, shut off the engine, take off your gloves, dig the map/instructions from your tank bag or jacket, desperately try to memorise everything, start to put the map/instructions away, realise you have instantly forgotten everything, and so on. I've ridden through Bristol a whopping one time before, so I'm not sure about attempting to navigate at night.

We'll see.

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Mom said...

Sounds interesting but tricky. Good luck and take care if you stick with your plan to go!