Sunday, March 9, 2014

Days 6-7

To the anonymous poster who asked about daily updates: Firstly, I am surprised anyone is reading. Thank you.

This particular blog has languished so much over the past several years that I had generally come to accept it as a ghost town, with the only eyes upon it being those that have arrived mistakenly in searching something ridiculous on Google. This blog will be 10 years old in May and that results in a whole lot of content. Which somehow shows up in people's searches for, well, whatever it is that I've mentioned in those years.

According to my stats, people are most commonly arriving here in search of information about .50 caliber handguns. As such, I imagine most people arriving here are hugely disappointed; I can't even remember talking about such a thing.

Secondly, yes, you are correct that the idea behind this whole 183-day initiative is that I make note of every single one of those days. Most often that will come in the form of daily updates. Sometimes, as was the case for Friday and Saturday, I'll loop things together because not much happened or I was tired at the end of the day or busy or I ran out of gas, I had a flat tire, I didn't have enough money for cab fare, my tux didn't come back from the cleaners, an old came in from out of town, someone stole my car, there was an earthquake, a terrible flood, locusts, or whatever the case may be.

Is it fair to have weekends in this initiative? To have days off? I'm not sure, but that's effectively what Friday and Saturday were. I think I've mentioned that I have adjusted my schedule so that I now work very long days four days a week, leaving me Friday to focus solely on writing. This past Friday was the first day under this new schedule. But it was also the first genuinely nice day this year: sunny and 12º C (53.6º F).

Rather than writing all day I rode out to Swindon, which is home to the nearest Indian motorcycles dealership. Indian are a brand that has been around for roughly 120 years but spent most of that time struggling under a series of parent companies that either didn't understand motorcycles or didn't have the resources to build and promote them. A few years ago, however, they were taken over by Minnesota-based Polaris, which put its billion-dollar weight behind the brand and has recently released a series of motorcycles that are consistently proclaimed as beautiful, amazing and superior in their class.

They are American-made motorcycles with roots in my adopted home state of Minnesota and as such I feel morally obligated to love them. The starting price on their basic model is greater than my net annual income, so I have no illusions of owning one anytime soon, but I wanted to see the machines in person.

So, that is what I did on Friday. If blogging about motorcycles counts as a step toward building a professional career, I did, at least, manage a post about seeing the bikes. But, honestly, I think it is probably more acceptable to just say I took a day off.

The same is true about Day 7. I did nothing toward developing a professional career, apart from that intangible thing of self-rejuvenation: getting outside and reminding myself why living is not awful. Jenn and I tackled a 13-mile walk along the Wales Coast Path, stopping for lunch at the Plough & Harrow along the way. Here are some pictures from the day:

Looking east, toward Nash Point lighthouse.

A section of Nash Brook.
I plan to come back and swim here when the weather's nice.

Walking down the lane toward Nash Point, after lunch.

Jenn leads the way back toward Llantwit Major.


Mom said...

Thanks for sharing these photos of a "day off". Absolutely beautiful weather! Such a day may be the force behind thousands of words, so you can count it as a "working vacation".

Lucky said...

I suspect you have more readers than you think...

Anyway, concerning weekends: there's a bit of that motivational poster-y, Pollyanna-ish, who-came-up-with-this-terrible-nonsense-anyway? advice that goes something along the lines of "sharpen the axe."

I think in creative endeavors, we put a ton of time into getting better at what we do, in technical terms, but we also need to remember to take some time to goof off and explore and recharge our brains. Our axes are razor-sharp and our shoulders are plum-tired.

Creativity requires discipline, but I find it also requires some novelty now and then.

So, enjoy your weekends, is what I'm saying.