Friday, July 25, 2014

The Motorcycle Obsession: The search for true love

I've decided that it behoves me to do a bit of cross pollination in terms of my blogging efforts and at least mention the posts I'm writing over on my motorcycle blog. I realise that not everyone (or, perhaps, anyone) is as deeply obsessed with two-wheel vehicles as I am these days, which is why I started a second blog in the first place, but, uhm, faulty logic as to why it's a good idea goes here. 

I suppose a good place to start is with this post: The search for true love. It deals with the idea that a motorcycle is somewhat an extension of one's self, or, at least, an extension of the self that one would like to project. I am perpetually torn between two selves, which is a truth that I suppose extends well beyond my choice of transportation. 

What country do I want to live in, what books do I want to write, what accent do I want to speak in, what state do I want to call home, etc. I find there is dichotomy in most of the aspects of my life.

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