Monday, August 4, 2014

Motorcycle Obsession: What I want: Indian Scout

On Sunday, Indian Motorcycles (which is owned by Minnesota-based company Polaris) unveiled the all new Indian Scout –– a motorcycle with a history stretching back to the 1920s –– and it was kind of a big deal.

At the moment, Indian (and its sister company, Victory) makes cruiser-style motorcycles. Most people who don't bury their heads in this kind of stuff would refer to this style as "Harley" bikes, which makes sense because Harley-Davidson produces the bulk of them.

The motorcycling world is quite niche, and within it are the even smaller, siller niche groups that align according to motorcycle style (and within those, ever smaller, siller niche groups that align according to brand, then according to specific models). My point is simply that I realise that when I say the Indian Scout is a big deal, it is within that stupid layered context and, really, has only slightly greater significance than if I were to sit here and tell you about the most famous Mormon country music performer ever. 

But to me it is a big deal. The Indian Scout looks like a fantastic bike and I am now fretting over how to build up the necessary funds to purchase one. As well as wondering where the hell I will put it. Anyhoo, here's a blog post about how awesome it is. It's worth clicking just for the pictures I found:

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