Wednesday, September 3, 2014

For once, I'm on the cutting edge

Myself and Rex in May 2003
The picture above is of Rex Sorgatz and me roughly 11 years ago. I was living in San Diego at the time and -- as you can see -- rocking some terrible hair. If you've not heard of Rex, he's a tech super genius who's long had a knack for identifying internet trends a year or so before you even hear of them. Actually, if you follow his Twitter, you'll see that he gets bored of internet trends about a year before the rest of us hear of them -- to him the trend has already come and gone. The shark has been jumped and the waterski boat is back at the dock, its engine cooled.

At the time the above picture was taken, Rex and I were working for the same Minnesota-based company, though I was living in San Diego. It was May 2003 and I had just gotten into blogging. Which means, of course, that Rex had been doing it for years.

Keen observers will note that -- but for the exception of a joking backdated post -- this blog didn't come into being until a good year after the picture was taken. Inspired by Belle du Jour, which, at the time most of us believed to be a ruse propagated by a Mancunian journalist, I was blogging under a pseudonym that I honestly cannot now remember.

I do remember that it never really took off, probably in part because I struggled to keep my character story straight. At the start I couldn't decide whether the blog's author was male or female, then I was indecisive about his age, then I decided he lived in a city to which I had never been. Needless to say, none of the book deals that were being handed out to bloggers in those days ever came my way. Eventually I deleted the blog and chose to write under my own name.

It's easier that way. I have a terrible memory and struggle to remember my own narrative, let alone that of someone who doesn't exist. Indeed, as time moves ever forward I find this blog serves as a sort of auxiliary memory -- one that is internet searchable. How fast did I run the Fargo Half Marathon in 2005? I haven't a clue. But the blog, she remembers.

Anyhoo, I'm wandering away from my point, which is simply that this blog has been in constant operation since 2004. True, over the past decade there have been certain stretches that were rather light on content (e.g., the whole of 2013), but I've never officially stopped. And recently you* may have noticed a real effort to increase activity.

"Posting links to your motorcycle blog doesn't count as increased activity," you* might say.

Doesn't it? Before Tumblr, wasn't that the point of quite a few blogs?

But, also, take a closer look, homie. For the past six weeks or so (almost as long as I've been doing DDP Yoga, incidentally) I have managed to write at least one original post a week. And that brings us to the second point of this particular post, which is that in addition to having been blogging for a really long time I have been doing it more lately.

Most importantly, I have been doing it since before Rex stated on Twitter that everyone who blogged in 2003 should start again. Before he said that, y'all. Before. I am ahead of Rex. Which means I am a genius and a trendsetter.

Unless Rex was being sarcastic, which may well have been the case.


* I'm not sure "you" exist. I quite often feel as if this is just a corner of the internet in which i talk to myself. I haven't decided how I feel about that. Sometimes I think it's OK, sometimes it feels a bit lonely. To that end, if Rex was being serious in saying that people should return to blogging again I suspect he wasn't thinking about me when he said it.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading....

Anonymous said...

I've been following you since before you moved to Britain -- I miss you when you don't write (e.g., all of 2013). :)

Citygirl said...

You have readers, dear friend! I miss the vlog the most though, particularly Mince Pie Monday!

Chris Cope said...

I miss the vlog, too. Sadly, it ate up a lot of time in editing and uploading, and it occasionally made Jenn uncomfortable. She was concerned some friends might misinterpret some jokes and feel hurt by them.

Anonymous said...

Always reading. Hope you're enjoying DDP Yoga, BANG!