Friday, September 26, 2014

TMO: Ay up

Linked below is the second of three parts retelling my trip to the Yorkshire Dales. This trip was my second time to visit Yorkshire (having previously had a chance to spend a few days in York back in February) and I find that I really love that part of the world. The scenery is great and the accents delight me.

Though I cannot imagine being romantically involved with someone who had a thick Yorkshire accent. Just think about it for a moment. Think about sexy bedroom things a partner might say and imagine them said in a treacly Yorkshire patois. It doesn't work.

In most other interactions, however, it's an enjoyable accent. Even listening to a Yorkshireman be angry is strangely fun (as long as he/she isn't angry at you). I'd be quite happy to try living up there a while -- particularly in York. Indeed, from time to time I peruse job listings there. Maybe one day.

In the meantime I am content to just visit. And hey, perhaps that helps preserve the magic. Actually living in York and having to deal with typical day-to-day issues like getting home from work in the rain or finding the money to pay for unplanned bike repair or whatever would inevitably tarnish my view of the place somewhat. Maybe it's better to just hold it golden in my mind as a place of great scenery and friendly/odd people who speak in funny accents.

Anyhoo, click below to read about my excessive speeding and eating rich food in pubs:

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