Monday, September 15, 2014

TMO: What I want: BMW F800GT

I'd be interested to see a percentage breakdown of my thoughts, i.e., a chart showing how much I think about this or that thing. Motorcycles would occupy a huge percentage, of course, to the extent that these thoughts would have to be broken down into sub-topics. Highest among those, I'd guess, are motorcycle-related thoughts on What Bike I Want To Get Next.

For some reason, it feels like a terribly important decision. Who cares about the future of Scotland or whether the United States can or even should defeat Islamic State; what really matters is what kind of bike I should be riding.

I think the reason I get so worked up about these things is that I feel I am catching up in terms of motorcycling. Although I earned my Minnesota motorcycle endorsement when I was 18 years old, I didn't actually start riding a bike until I was 36. So I feel like I am 18 years behind; I have missed out on nigh two decades of riding and owning various motorcycles. And how many vehicles you own in your lifetime is important, man.

Anyhoo, within the What Bike I Want To Get Next is the question of what type of bike I want, a question that is answered primarily by the question of what type of riding I do. That question, however, often gets blurred with the question of the type of riding I want to do, and by extension, questions about the type of rider I am, the type of rider I want to be and where those things intersect. Like I say, it's complicated stuff, and my mind spends all day doing a sort of Plinko thing with all the variables.

At the end of at least one of these complicated strings of thought is the BMW F800GT, a bike that's got a fair mix of marketing intangibles like "character" and "spirit" whilst remaining a highly functional machine. Click the link below to read more:

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