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My name is Chris Cope, I was born in St. David's Hospital in Austin, Texas, during the final months of the Gerald Ford administration. I generally consider myself a Texan, though I am happy, too, to carry the flag for Minnesota, where I spent my teenage years. Generally, where I claim to be from is dependent upon which state presently has the least embarrassing politicians. Over the course of my life, I've called at least 20 different places "home" -- California and England among them, and now Wales.

I earned my bachelors and masters degrees at Cardiff University, both in Welsh [self-effacing joke goes here]. With the exception of two awkward years spent teaching Welsh in night classes, I've worked most of my life as a writer of some sort. The son of a television anchorman, I fell into broadcasting pretty early, developing a ridiculous radio announcer voice that still occasionally comes out when I'm speaking publicly. I found myself more at home behind the scenes, however, working as a producer and writer in television, then as a writer and editor online, and eventually landing in public relations.

I am the author of three books and have recently begun work on a fourth. In 2012, I was the recipient of a Literary Wales bursary, however, I still count as my greatest accolade the blue ribbon I won in a creative writing competition when I was 9 years old. I wrote a story about a parrot, and it was amazing; it had all the elements. I may not have written anything better since. Though I try. In addition to books, I author a monthly column for Welsh-language current-affairs magazine Barn and have written for several other publications and websites.

I live in a crumbling old Victorian home in Penarth, Wales, with my fiancĂ©e, Jenn, whom I am crazy about, despite her ability to do a disturbingly accurate impression of Gregg Wallace, off MasterChef. I am a fair-weather supporter of the Minnesota Vikings, the Boston Red Sox, and the Cardiff Devils. I am an avid fan of professional wrestling and Strictly Come Dancing. No, really. I can talk about wrestling and Strictly all day long. I have yet to meet a person who displays anything close to my level of interest in these subjects.

Me vs. a metal bear. Who will win?