I am the author of three books. You really should consider buying all of them:

Tales of a Toffee-Covered Llama: The True Story of How a Tiny European Nation Crushed My Dreams and Robbed Me of My Will to Live
Yet to be released. Narrative nonfiction. Account of teaching myself to speak an obscure language (Welsh), and moving overseas to try to become a member of that language's community of speakers. I achieved low-level celebrity status and earned some fancy university degrees, but never really found acceptance within the insular Welsh-language world. Meanwhile, my obsession with trying to gain that acceptance ended up costing me dearly. I have only recently completed writing this book; it is presently in the editing and revision stage.

2010, Amazon Kindle. Novel. "Rooming with a lumberjack, stargazing with a naked man, picking fights with wild fowl and waking up next to the second president of the United States. It's all part of the experience for American student Ben Stout in this witty, fast-paced novel about finding one's identity thousands of miles from home. Having moved to Portsmouth, England, simply to be closer to his girlfriend, Allison, while she studies in France, Ben soon finds himself tumbling through a series of hilarious and heartbreaking adventures. Which, through luck - or perhaps something a little more - all lead to a very simple truth."

2009, Gwasg Gomer. Welsh-language narrative nonfiction. "Codi llen ar y Gymry Gymraeg ynysig ac ar awr dywyllaf yr awdur . . . Neu sut y baglodd Americanwr ar draws gwersi Cymraeg pan na allai chwilio am porn ar ei gyfrifiadur. Heb anghofio sut y trodd dysgu iaith y nefoedd yn uffern ar y ddaear. Mae Cwrw am Ddim yn gofnod blogonest am ymchwil a helyntion un a siomwyd gan ei wlad enedigol, a i ymgais i fabwysiadu gwlad newydd, ddieithr lle mae barddoniaeth yn bwysig. Yn anffodus, mae'r awdur yn casáu barddoniaeth. Ffraeth, lliwgar, sensitif ac er ei waethaf yn sylwebaeth gymdeithasol werthfawr, mae Cwrw am Ddim yn cynnig mwy na sylw am y Profiad Cymraeg o r tu-allantu-mewn, mae'n sylw ar y profiad dynol."