Monday, December 5, 2005

Somebody has my mom's baby Jesus and she would like it back

Here is an actual conversation between my mom and the child bride that took place last night at dinner.

MOM: "Did you borrow my baby Jesus?"

RACHEL: "Yes."

MOM: "Oh, good. Can I have it back?"

RACHEL: "What? I thought you were kidding. No, I didn't borrow your baby Jesus."

MOM: "Really? Oh. But... are you sure? I have this memory of you coming up to me and asking if you could borrow my baby Jesus."

RACHEL: "Why would I borrow your baby Jesus?"

MOM: "I don't know. But I really have this memory of your coming up to me and you were holding it, like this, and you said, 'Can I borrow this?'
"But then, I guess you would have brought it back -- unless you asked, 'Can I borrow your baby Jesus and not ever bring him back?'
"But why would I say yes to that?"

RACHEL: "I really don't have your baby Jesus."

MOM: "Huh. I wonder where he could be."


Curly said...

It's not over here.

Check the Child Brides cupboards, she may have a hoarde of Baby Jesus' stashed.

Anonymous said...

Thats just getting weird and crazy now... Exactly what are you yanks up to, eh?

Astrid said...

Your mom didn't mean you with her baby Jesus or now did she? And does she still have the rest of the crib? Like the hay, the donkey, the three kings, and so on? Wow, I am really getting in X-mas spirit here now!

Dave Morris said...

I... have the baby Jesus! That's right, it's here with me. Send me $4.75 and nothing happens to the Jesus. Fail, and Christmas happens this year with no baby Jesus.

Your decision. You wouldn't want that fine, fine Mother of yours to be sad, now would you?

(I really gotta improve my intimidation skills with regard to kidnappings of inanimate objects)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I think I saw it on eBay. Was it made of solid gold, with robin's eggs for eyes? Lying on one of those ironing boards they call a mangle?